Weiter unten gibt es Video-Material er Drums-Sessions von VADER-Schlagwerker Pawel „Paul“ Jaroszewicz zu sehen. Die polnischen Death-Metal-Veteranen befinden sich derzeit im Hertz Studio in Bialystok, Polen, wo sie gemeinsam mit Wojtek Wieslawski ihr neues Album „Welcome To The Morbid Reich“ aufnehmen. Alle Fans, die den Sommershows der Band beiwohnen werden, können in den Genuss erster neuer Songs kommen. Des Weiteren gab die Band bekannt, in Zukunft wieder ihr altes Logo zu verwenden. States Jaroszewicz: “We started our session showing up in the studio on March 14th, at 9 p.m. after a few hours' drive on our perfect Polish roads with a trailer full of gear - I really recommend it! This day we only managed to do the load-in and hit the sack - as we were dead on our feet. The real session started the next day with setting up the drums, changing the skins, placing microphones and tuning the drums. Then… we were adjusting the sound looking for ‘this is it’ in each element of the set. It lasted for the whole day and a half but it was definitely worth it. The sound of the drums just kicks asses! For the next few days the schedule of work was practically the same - breakfast, setting the recording plan for the day, preparing a pilot for the drums, recording, monitoring plus corrections if needed, recording, supper and going to bed . . . For 7 days, we recorded 9 new songs, 2 covers and a re-make of veeeeeery old VADER track. The results of our work will be available probably in August. For now, look forward to the studio reports and the pictures from the further recording of WTTMR.
Quite recently I've also become the official endorser of Paiste's cymbals. These are definitely the best sounding cymbals on the market and they were my wildest dream since I started to play the drums. I'm proud that now I can join the Paiste family. Of course you will hear them on the newest VADER album."