Das isländische Classic-Rock-Trio THE VINTAGE CARAVAN hat den dritten Video-Trailer zum kommenden, ungeduldig erwarteten Album »Arrival« veröffentlicht: »Arrival« wird am 15. Mai über Nuclear Blast erscheinen. Vorbestellen könnt Ihr das Album hier: Die Band dazu: "We are so excited for the release of the upcoming album. It's definitely a step forward for us musically and we are incredibly happy with how natural the recording process was and how well all of the songs turned out. Get ready for »Arrival«!" Für den Nachfolger des letztejährigen Kritikererfolges »Voyage« hatte sich die Band in einen abgelegenen Fjord zurückgezogen, wo sie in einem alten Ballsaal ihr Studio einrichteten und mit Produzent Axel "Flexi" Árnason arbeiteten. Árnason zeichnet bereits für die Produktion des letzten Albums verantwortlich. Die Band kommentiert: "The songwriting sessions have been going on since around October 2012 when our album »Voyage« had been out in Iceland for a month. We immediately started writing at that point so some of the songs are quite old for us. Because of that we have a bit too many songs but we intend to make this album around 10 tracks so we can put what we think are the best tracks on the album. Right now we are doing demos, polishing the stuff and thinking of ways to nicely add to the production of the songs. We are very excited to start recording this album. It's going to be interesting to work on. The album is a bit different from our previous album - it's a bit darker, a bit heavier, a bit more melodic but definitely all in a good way."