„Red“, die brandneue Single der Helsinki Vampire THE 69 EYES, ist ab sofort erhältlich! Checkt des Song auf dem Facebook-Profil der Band, www.facebook.com/the69eyes, oder kauft ihn direkt auf iTunes: http://bit.ly/MFTyuX Sänger Jyrki69 kommentiert: "This is THE 69 EYES as the most melodic but even more than that, the most intense. The song has a very intense feeling, you know, like when your heart beats wild (red), when the world circles around you and when you find out the painstriking truth. Think of those scenes in the movies like "Vertigo" or "Vanilla Sky". Something's broken and there's nothing you can do about it. You're on the edge and down there is red hot lava waiting...haha, that was too much Lord of The Rings... But anyways, you got the picture!" dramatizes THE 69 EYES vocalist Jyrki. "In metal especially nowadays the music has became just a hammering sound. No wonder that TESTAMENT is on the Billboard TOP 20, since they are bringing melodies back to metal. The new 69 EYES album, "X", is all about melodies plus the usual melancholism. And it fuckin' rocks too!" Die Band hat zudem gemeinsam mit dem bekannten Produzenten Patric Ullaeus ein Video zu „Red“ gedreht, das in Kürze erscheinen wird. „Red“ stammt vom ungeduldig erwarteten zehnten Studioalbum „X“, das am 28. September über Nuclear Blast erscheint.