Die Helsinki Vampire THE 69 EYES haben am vergangenen Wochenende mit dem renommierten Regisseur Patric Ullaeus ein Musikvideo zur kommenden Single „Red“ gedreht. Die Single erscheint am 10. August über Nuclear Blast. Einen kurzen Teaser zum Song gibt es HIER! "We've known the director Patric for years and been talking nearly a decade of doing a video with him. So it was about the time finally! Since the whole new upcoming album "X" is our "made in Sweden" record, it was natural to shoot a video with a Swedish director and in Sweden. I really loved David Fincher's movie "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" which is set in Sweden and wanted some of that kind of vibe to be in this video too. We shot the video in the Bjertorp Slott mansion outside of Gothenburg. It's a mystery scene in the most beautiful Swedish countryside with fast sportcars, Playboy playmates and the Helsinki Vampires! When THE 69 EYES make videos, it always is more based on pleasure in contrary to the recording session. And that's how it was again this time!" says Jyrki69.