Die Progger TEXTURES nehmen derzeit ihr viertes Album im Split Second Studio in Amsterdam auf. Das Album wird von TEXTURES-Gitarrist Jochem Jacobs produziert, der auch schon zuvor verantwortlich zeichnete. Jochem hatte folgendes zu sagen: "It's all really exciting! This album is really going to express where and what we are these days... and that's a good thing. We've been through a lot lately, especially the last year. Now with some new air and fresh ideas, we finally reached the point that we are actually quite confident in the new material. Sometimes you just have to crawl through the mud first to get to dry grounds. We are in the middle of the pre-production now, getting our asses in gear to create this baby. It's kinda cool to see this band grow more and more and to continue this musical journey that we've been on for 10 years! Let's make this thing heavy!!! " Die Scheibe soll im Herbst 2011 erscheinen.