Die britische Modern Thrash-Heroes SYLOSIS haben das Cover-Artwork zu ihrem kommenden Album “Monolith” veröffentlicht. Erstellt wurde das Artwork dieses Mal von Dan Goldsworthy. Sänger und Gitarrist Josh Middleton sagt dazu: "We're beyond pleased with the artwork for Monolith. It needed to be something to accentuate the dark, gloomy vibe of the album without going for anything too cliche' or stereotypically metal. We listen to a lot of 70s progressive music and with the Art Nouveau style was quite popular at that time. At this point we don't want to reveal too much about the concept but one of the figures on the cover loosely represents the devil in disguise or a satyr. Some of the inspiration behind the concept came from Greek mythology. Working with Dan again as awesome. He's very patient, eager to please and can very quickly tap into what we're trying to put across. We always like to pay as much attention to the artwork as possible and it's never been an after thought for us. It's about creating a complete piece of work so the music and the packaging really go hand in hand." Dan Goldsworthy fügt hinzu: “Visually, the cover artwork for Monolith has taken notable inspiration from the Art Nouveau movement. Diverting from the usual flowery aesthetic of the style, Monolith has a significantly darker vein running thoughout, as fitting with the sonic nihilism of Sylosis’ music. As far as the concept goes, it is merely my interpretation of the band’s vision. Much like their previous album, ‘Edge Of The Earth’, the artwork is completely related to certain themes running throughout the songs, so if you wish to extract any deeper meaning I would recommend studying the lyrics as well. Josh and I kept a very close working relationship throughout the entire design process, such was the importance of having the artwork represent his lyrics and the story they tell. However the cover art and illustrations throughout the packaging are only small snapshots of the bigger picture so open the booklet, press play and enjoy the journey.” “Monolith” wird am 5. Oktober über Nuclear Blast Records erscheinen. Checkt das Video zur Enthüllung des offiziellen “Monolith” Cover-Artworks aus: http://youtu.be/nV00eW4kMv0 Jevelcase Cover O-card Cover