Die US-amerikanischen Piraten-Thrasher SWASHBUCKLE haben einen neuen Mann am Schlagzeug: Legendary Pirate King Eric The Brown tritt die Nachfolge von Bootsmann Collins an. Die Band gibt dazu folgendes Statement ab: “The ‘Buckle is proud to announce our new drummer Legendary Pirate King Eric The Brown, a.k.a. Long John Silver, b.k.a. “LOJO”, p.k.a. Eric W. Brown of notable DESTROY DESTROY DESTROY / INFERI / VALE OF PNATH / COLLAPSE / MAGIC HAMMER / RAINBOWDRAGONEYES FAME. It is with heavy hearts that we part ways with Bootsmann Collins, but alas his dream of becoming a dancer for The Underwater Rockettes has finally become a reality. Goodnight sweet prince, good morrow Legendary Pirate King! L.P.K. Eric is ready to smash faces and will join us for the first time on stage this spring/summer for our run of European festival shows.” Video: Neuer Schlagzeuger Legendary Pirate King Eric The Brown Video: Interview mit der Band