SUICIDE SILENCE haben sich mit zusammengeschlossen, um das mächtige, Konzept-Video zum neuen Song 'Dying In A Red Room' zu veröffentlichen. Der Track stammt vom viel gelobten, selbstbetitelten neuen Album, das ab sofort über Nuclear Blast Entertainment überall erhältlich ist. 'Dying In A Red Room' Official Music Video: Eddie Hermida (vocals) states: “The way 'Dying In A Red Room’ came about was simply being on tour in the back lounge one crazy night and that riff was spewed out and stuck. We started jamming it and that song was done quick and natural. We wanted that song to be very fluid. The song is meant to be a love song to the ghosts we carry around with us. To never be afraid to be yourself or listen to your heart. In a way that is always what this band has wanted to represent. Fearlessness.” Bestellt das neue SUICIDE SILENCE Album hier: Digital: