Die schwedischen Melodic Death Metal-Experten SOILWORK werden ihr zehntes Studioalbum, »The Ride Majestic«, am 28. August 2015 weltweit via Nuclear Blast Records veröffentlichen. »The Ride Majestic« wird in verschiedenen Formaten erhältlich sein (CD, Vinyl, TS/CD-Bundle). Heute veröffentlichen SOILWORK den Titeltrack und gleichzeitig die erste Singleauskopplung aus »The Ride Majestic«, als Lyric Video via Billboard.com.

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Vokalist Bjorn “Speed” Strid erklärt die Hintergründe des Titelsongs wie folgt: “'The Ride Majestic' was one of the first songs we wrote for this album. The intro sets a certain melancholic mood and after that it's all pure melodic mayhem. There’s a very epic and anthemic feel to it, which suits the album title perfectly. The lyrics deal with the fear of dying and the art of remaining sane while you're still alive. Not wanting to miss a thing, wanting to embrace every moment, and being able to bring it all back on your dying day, with a snap of your fingers. It's also a tribute to the ones we've lost and the comfort of hoping that they will catch us when we fall, on the other side. We believe that, if there is an afterlife, this song would be the soundtrack to that journey. It deals with the acceptance of life and death and possibly everything between and beyond.” Bestellt Euer Exemplar von »The Ride Majestic« hier vor: