Die texanischen Classic Rocker SCORPION CHILD werden ihr zweites Album, »Acid Roulette«, am 10. Juni über Nuclear Blast Entertainment veröffentlichen. "»Acid Roulette« chronicles the life trials of a traveling man who was imprisoned for a murderous crime," so Sänger Aryn Jonathan Black. "He was forced into confessing by his wife and her wealthy lover so that they could live out their romance without him in the picture. Once sentenced to a life's term, he goes through extreme emotions dealing with the only woman he'd ever loved taking everything he'd known as "real" away from him. He has to create and redefine his own reality accompanied by its roller coaster of emotional reflection. He experiences many different psychological changes throughout the years and escapes by means of drugs and his writings. These songs become his diary of a madman. The focus is mainly on the seasons in a year, for each song represents a month. The songs exist to drive home the full power of human emotion as many albums do, however, »Acid Roulette« wires us into those extremes." Die Band hat erneut im The Bubble in Austin, Texas mit Chris ‘Frenchie’ Smith (THE ANSWER, AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD...) aufgenommen; Smith hatte bereits das SCORPION CHILD-Debüt produziert und arrangiert. »Acid Roulette« wurde von Dave Schiffman (THE MARS VOLTA, DEAD MEADOW, JANE'S ADDICTION, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE) gemischt. Das Artwork wurde in gemeinschaftlicher Arbeit von Aryn Jonathan Black, Photograph Max Taylor und Graphic Designer Rob Kimura erschaffen. Tracklist und Formate wie folgt: CD: 1. She Sings, I Kill 2. Reaper’s Danse 3. My Woman In Black 4. Acid Roulette 5. Winter Side Of Deranged 6. Séance 7. Twilight Coven 8. Survives 9. Blind Man’s Shine 10. Moon Tension 11. Tower Grove 12. I Might Be Your Man 13. Addictions Vinyl: Side One (Autumn): 1. She Sings, I Kill 2. Reaper’s Danse 3. My Woman In Black Side Two (Winter): 1. Acid Roulette 2. Winter Side Of Deranged 3. Séance 4. Twilight Coven Side Three (Spring): 1. Survives 2. Blind Man’s Shine 3. Moon Tension Side Four (Summer): 1. Tower Grove 2. I Might Be Your Man 3. Addictions Das Album kann hier vorbestellt werden:
SCORPION CHILD starten heute ihre Tour mit den legendären Space-Rock-Ikonen MONSTER MAGNET! Sänger Aryn Jonathan Black kommentiert: "MONSTER MAGNET are an amazing band! We can't wait to share the stage with them in March. We will be performing a great deal of new material that will be featured on the new album that's due out this summer! Can this tour hurry up and begin already??"