Die Schweizer Legende SAMAEL hat ein neues Lyric-Video zum Song „In Gold We Trust“ vom aktuellen Studioalbum „Lux Mundi“ veröffentlicht! Zu sehen gibt’s das Video hier: http://youtu.be/3WQhqhZ4mKc Band Mastermind Vorph sagt dazu: “Recently we saw a lyrics video for the song “Shadow Of The Sword” by a Russian guy called Sovka Ivanov. We got in touch with him through a common friend and asked if he would be willing to give it a try with the song “In Gold We Trust” as we intend to add it to our repertoire. We sent him all the artwork of our current album “Lux Mundi” and three weeks later this is what he came up with… enjoy!” Das Album “Lux Mundi” ist seit 29. April 2011 im Handel erhältlich. Upcoming S A M A E L’ shows: 01.09.12: Velorock Festival – Oostende, Belgium 08.09.12: Les Docks – Lausanne, Switzerland 24.09.12: Bigo – Kiev, Unkraine 26.09.12: Rebublic Club – Minsk, Belarus 27.09.12: Artica – St Petersburg, Russia 28.09.12: Milk Club – Moscow, Russia