Die Classic Doomer ORCHID aus San Francisco haben das offizielle Musikvideo zum Song 'Helicopters' von ihrer aktuellen EP »Sign Of The Witch« veröffentlicht. Mit diesem Video möchten sich ORCHID bei ihren Fans weltweit bedanken. Die Band kommentiert: "ORCHID wanted to give a HUGE thank you to all our friends and supporters who made this last European tour such a great experience. We thought long and hard about a video for the song 'Helicopters' that's on our »Sign of the Witch« EP... What to do...? How to visually tell a story about what the song means to us... But in the end, documenting the tour and playing live for everyone who came out to see us last summer was what we really felt most strongly about. It takes so much hard work by so many people outside of the band to play a show every night. All the way from the crew, to Nuclear Blast, and our booking agents and management. We wanted to show something about what it's like to be out there... how hard everyone works... how little everyone sleeps... and most of all, all the great people who show up and support ORCHID. Thank you so much. We never forget any of you. You all keep it going!!" Seht 'Helicopters' hier: »Sign Of The Witch« enthält vier brandneue Songs und ist exklusiv über den Nuclear Blast Mailorder erhältlich. Sichert Euch Euer Exemplar hier: