Nightwishs neues Album "Imaginaerum" wird am 30. November in Finnland veröffentlicht. Im restlichen Europa wird es am 2. Dezember erhältlich sein. Das Cover "Ursprünglich sollte dieses Bild der Ausfalter in der Mitte des Booklets werden. Als wir das fertige Bild gesehen haben, war uns aber sofort klar, dass die Suche nach dem Cover beendet ist. Meiner Meinung nach ist das Toxic Angels beste Arbeit bislang, er hat das Wesen von Imaginaerum komplett erfasst. Die Kraft der Vorstellung und Orte von wortlosen Wundern, Magie und Ehrfurcht, der Sehnsucht und des Surrealen. Ich habe von Anfang an betont, dass nicht ein einziges Lebewesen auf dem Bild zu sehen sein sollte. Toxic ist es gelungen, diese erhabene, aber doch verwüstete Gefühl von "all das wartet auf dich, auf dich allein" zu erschaffen Du brauchst nur den Mut, einzutreten." - Tuomas Die Trackliste 1. Taikatalvi 2. Storytime 3. Ghost River 4. Slow, Love, Slow 5. I Want My Tears Back 6. Scaretale 7. Arabesque 8. Turn Loose The Mermaids 9. Rest Calm 10. The Crow, The Owl And The Dove 11. Last Ride Of The Day 12. Song Of Myself 13. Imaginaerum Track-by-Track Teaser Die Kommentare wurden auf Tuomas' Wunsch hin nicht übersetzt. "Men profess to be lovers of music, but for the most part they give no evidence in their opinions and lives that they have heard it." - Henry David Thoreau 1. TAIKATALVI This world is but a canvas for our imagination. 2. STORYTIME How would it feel to take a midnight flight with a snowman through the most wondrous landscapes, like in the classic animated Yuletide film? The meaning of our very existence is created though stories, tales and imagination. They are at the very core of humanity. 3. GHOST RIVER LIFE is the ultimate privilege; a river filled with wonders and horrors. Love, sorrow, beauty, evil and temptation. And we need them all to survive and enjoy the journey. Good, Evil, Pain and Pleasure - members one of another. 4. SLOW, LOVE, SLOW Truest love needs no words, demands or promises. It is wordless territory, and thoroughly unconditional. 5. I WANT MY TEARS BACK Longing for things long gone, but still possible to bring back. 6. SCARETALE Monsters in the closet, squealing pigs, hordes of spiders and flesh-ripping harpies. A peak into childhood´s unforgettable nightmares- a vivid and twisted circus sideshow. 7. ARABESQUE A catharsis to a nightmare. Giving birth through a death-dance. 8. TURN LOOSE THE MERMAIDS We quietly witness as her dying loved one takes his last journey...forever now, a haunting moment of beauty and comfort. 9. REST CALM Memories and hope are two things no-one can ever take away from you. The sweetness of my own past is a bottomless chest of comfort and inspiration. 10. THE CROW, THE OWL AND THE DOVE "Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me Truth" - Henry David Thoreau Love is everything, and only Truth is our guide to a deeper state. 11. LAST RIDE OF THE DAY The theme park is just about to close, but the rollercoaster runs one more time and you get to take the last ride by yourself. It`s dark and the fireworks have just started. Moments such as these are portals to infinite dreams, of deep realisation, and ultimately the thrilling awareness of being a speck of dust in this vast swirling cosmos. 12. SONG OF MYSELF Our homage and version of Walt Whitman`s transcendental celebration of life and existence, delving deep into a personal catharsis. 13. IMAGINAERUM Thank you for sharing the ride and we hope to welcome you back soon. The stage is lit, and the Magnificent Play is beginning... - Tuomas