Die unbestrittenen Meister des Crossover-Genres MUNICIPAL WASTE sind stolz ihren neuen weltweiten Deal mit Nuclear Blast Records verkünden zu können. Auf dem Weg die Mainstage des Hellfest-Open-Airs in Frankreich (18. Juni 2011) zu verwüsten, gibt die Band folgendes bekannt: “It took a real long time to decide what we were going to do for our next record,” states WASTE frontman Foresta. “We wanted to work with a label that were not only fans of the band and our music, but were willing to get behind any ridiculous idea that we could think of. Once we realized this, Nuclear Blast was the obvious choice. The Blast has been friends with the band long before doing a record was even a possibility. I feel like we’re starting off with a clean slate and decade of experience to start back up on the right track. Expect some great things in the near future from the WASTE. This is only the beginning!” "Nuclear Blast has shown their love for the WASTE for years,” Witte erweitert. “And when it came time for a new deal, it was a no brainer in my eyes. NB all the way. We are thrilled to be included among a roster of great bands and hard working people that love them. I can't wait to get into that studio!" Gerardo Martínez, langjähriger MUNICIPAL WASTE-Fan und Label Manager von Nuclear Blast USA, kommentiert die jüngsten Mitglieder der Nuclear Blast Familie wie folgt: “We’ve known the WASTE guys for some time and when the moment was right to bring them on board, we did not hesitate one second. They are the best and most relevant band at what they do, and a pleasure to be around… not to mention they are some of the funniest and down-to-earth people we’ve met. The excitement level for a new MUNICIPAL WASTE record is at its highest and we are ready to deliver this to the masses!” Die Band wird diesen Sommer noch ins Studio gehen um ihr fünftes Album und Nuclear Blast Debüt einzuspielen. Eine Veröffentlichung wird im Jahr 2012 erwartet.