Die US-Thrasher von MUNICIPAL WASTE haben nun den Videoclip zum Titeltrack des kommenden Albums “The Fatal Feast” veröffentlicht. Zu sehen gibt es den Streifen hier: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLY4Rpii7bM Das Video wurde in Los Angeles von Jeff Speed (Halo Of Flies) produziert. Die Dreharbeiten fanden am Original-Set der Space-Western TV-Serie „Firefly“ statt. MUNICIPAL WASTE Sänger Tony Foresta sagt zum Clip: “We've been wanting to work with Jeff again since we did the ‘Sadistic Magician’ video with him years ago. We felt that his vision and talent was exactly what we needed to help tell the tale of this cannibalistic space voyage. We hope this video makes people headbang, laugh, and puke all at the same time.” Gitarrist Ryan Waste fügt hinzu: “As a huge sci-fi horror movie enthusiast, it was amazing to work on this type of film set. Jeff Speed and his crew have really raised the bar with this video and we couldn't be happier. Prepare for space terror and feast on our latest clip!” Jeff Speed sagt zu seinem zweiten Job mit der Band: “One glimpse at this video and you will understand why my brother Chris [Speed, Production Designer] and I love to work with these guys. Anything goes! They have a great sense of humor, shredding tunes and bloodlust that is only matched by our own. Accepting the invitation to collaborate on more debauchery with MUNICIPAL WASTE was a no-brainer. A cannibalistic space voyage?! Where do we sign? We had a lot of fun making this vid and we were thrilled with the end product. I hope the world is hungry because the FEAST will be festering on their plates and minds for a long time. Thanks for the opportunity, dudes! The Speed Brothers will always be down to spill blood with the Waste!” Das Album „The Fatal Feast“ wird am 13. April 2012 via Nuclear Blast veröffentlicht.