Die Old School-Death Metaller MEMORIAM arbeiten derzeit am Nachfolger des sehr erfolgreichen »The Silent Vigil« Album aus dem Jahr 2018. Die Band hat sich kürzlich zusammen mit Produzent Russel Russ (NAPALM DEATH, DIMMU BORGIR, AT THE GATES, AMORPHIS etc). in den Parlour Studios in Kettering (UK) eingefunden, um das neue Album aufzunehmen. Die Band kommentiert: "So here we are on our second week of recording our third album at Parlour Studios with the infamous Russ Russell at the desk. Personally we think this is the album people wanted to hear from us when we set out with Memoriam, a big gritty production, aggressive vocals and music and a few curveballs thrown in to keep the grey matter active! In hindsight it feels like the previous two albums were a preparation for this one. Our most satisfying work personally to date. We hope you feel the same once you get to hear it. Anyway, onwards with the recording" Das Album soll im Sommer 2019 veröffentlicht werden. Weitere Infos gibt es in Kürze - seid gespannt! Bestellt »The Silent Vigil« direkt hier: http://nblast.de/MemoriamTSV