Die Pioniere des Sumerian thrashing Black Metal, MELECHESH, haben kürzlich den Song 'Multiple Truths' als Lyric Video veröffentlicht. Nach massenweise Anfragen von Fans entschied sich Sänger, Gitarrist, Songwriter und Bandkopf Ashmedi, Licht ins Dunkel zu bringen. "The song came about while I was having an interesting conversation with a friend. Many claim an absolute singular truth, but it is not as simple. There are several ideas that not necessarily negate each other. On the other hand many dogmas and paradigms claim to offer a truth but what angle makes them so arrogant and vain to claim their point is truth. There is a dual tone here, there are several truthful ideas and there are as well many lies. Who knows - maybe all so called supernatural beings or dogmatic figures were and are amongst humans advancing their agendas and civilizations but also maybe manipulating it to control or for a certain cause. It could be the Annunaki or even otherwise. So it is a reflective song. From the term 'Multiple Truths' the guitar riff stemmed and thus the whole song!" Der Song stammt vom kommenden Album »Enki«. Seht 'Multiple Truths' hier: Der Nachfolger des 2010er Meisterwerks »The Epigenesis« stellt das bereits sechste Album der Band dar und wartet mit Gastauftritten von Ikonen wie Max Cavalera (SOULFLY, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, KILLER BE KILLED), Sakis Tolis (ROTTING CHRIST) und Rob Caggiano (VOLBEAT, ex-ANTHRAX) auf. Sänger, Gitarrist, Songwriter und Bandkopf Ashmedi kommentiert: "I am flattered and honored to have esteemed guests appear on this multifaceted album. »Enki« solicited different approaches and new experiences. Max is a lion - I love his voice and the tribal and historic parallels of our lives are uncanny, he did an amazing job on 'Lost Tribes'. Sakis is an old friend and we toured together in the past. His voice added another dimension of mysticism on our 'Enki - Divine Nature Awoken'. Rob and I always wanted to collaborate and he is an agile and excellent guitar player so the lead he did on 'The Palm, the Eye and Lapis Lazuli' was perfect , it rocks and serves the track well. They all did an outstanding job and went above and beyond to make it happen despite their busy schedules. MELECHESH is more than a band - it is a society!" Caggiano dazu: "I've been a fan of MELECHESH for a while now and it was an honour for me to play a solo on their new album!! These guys sound like nothing else out there!" Extrem-Metal-Connaisseur Max Cavalera erklärt: "I was very honored that MELECHESH asked me to sing on their new album! I'm a big fan and I think »The Epigenesis« is on of the greatest extreme metal records ever done! I love the fact that they come from a different part of the world like me. So our worlds finally collide! Long live MELECHESH!" Und ROTTING CHRIST-Chef Sakis Tolis fügt hinzu: "When I was told that our brother band MELECHESH would record their upcoming album in my hometown, I immediately picked up the phone and called Ashmedi to participate somehow. Ashmedi responded positively so I was ready to raise some serious hell... It is very interesting since we are sharing the same Mediteranean mentality as individuals. I believe this new album is one of the most unique and atmospheric metal albums I have heared the last years. Ashmedi took me to their majestic oriental path and showed me the way to tne new Babylon. I am definitely proud working with the Kings of Fire and I really recommend to check new MELECHESH album - it is really good!" Sakis Tolis | ROTTING CHRIST Das Album wurde in Griechenland mit Giorgos Bokos (ROTTING CHRIST) aufgenommen, Mix und Mastering wurden von Jonas Kjellgren (IMMORTAL, LEGION OF THE DAMNED, OVERKILL, HYPOCRISY) in dessen renommierten Black Lounge Studios in Schweden übernommen. Das Schlagzeug wurde mit Fotis Benardo (ex-SEPTICFLESH, ex-NIGHTRA