Die Meister des mesopotamischen Black / Thrash Metal, MELECHESH, haben ihr lange vergriffenes Debütalbum, „As Jerusalem Burns“, endlich wieder veröffentlicht. Der Meilenstein der Bandgeschichte kann als Digital Download auf iTunes bezogen werden: http://bit.ly/meljerus Ashmedi, Gitarrist/Sänger und Bandkopf, kommentiert: „Finally available for legal downloading. Our Debut album from 1996, „As Jerusalem Burns...Al Intisar“ means a lot to me, it was recorded with next to nothing budget in the city of Jerusalem and all the odds were against us, at the time no one paid attention to black metal being made in the holy city, with time we changed that. We recorded it live to tape so this means we all played at the same time without any breaks in the songs so no room for corrections or to remake one particular part. If we felt there was one little mistake we would re-record the whole song all over again, I think this gave it a sense of authentism. So for now it is available as a digital format and that’s it. Hopefully we will also make it availed on vinyl for the first time . Furthermore one day we perhaps might license it on CD for re-release. The music is raw as we intended it to be with hints of middle eastern music. This is MELECHESH more than 15 years ago though half of our sophomore album „Djinn“ was written then.“