Die New York Hardcore-Schwergewichte MADBALL werden heute die siebte Auflage ihrer erfolgreichen Rebellion Tour in Bremen starten. Angesichts des 20jährigen Jubiläums ihres legendären »Demonstrating My Style«-Albums, werden MADBALL (neben anderen Hits) auf den Shows im März das gesamte Album spielen. Tourdaten siehe unten. Checkt den exklusiven Tour-Trailer, in dem sich zahllose Hardcore-Legenden die Ehre geben, hier:

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Sänger Freddy Cricien kommentiert: "I'm excited on many levels for Rebellion 7- we have a cool line up of bands that have really been in the trenches for years and have really influenced many in the genre- From NYC to Germany to London... and beyond! The theme of this particular Rebellion is sort of a "throw back" one - Even though, a lot of these guys have recently dropped new material and we're currently writing for our next release - old and new..it's all relevant, I feel. We/MB are celebrating the 20 year anniversary of »Demonstrating My Style« - an important release for us and 96 was a significant year for the building stages of MB. We didn't get over here for the »Set It Off« celebratory run. So, we're giving Europe first dibs on this "special tour" which will feature Matt Henderson our original guitarist as a guest on this. Also, our friends CROWN OF THORNZ are celebrating 20 years of their classic »Mentally Vexed« record, along with supporting a new EP - These guys influenced bands like TRAPPED UNDER ICE, etc.. If you haven't seen them do yourself a favor. RYKERS is back with a strong release and although Kid D is not fronting them, they are as powerful as ever live. KNUCKLEDUST are supporting a new release and those guys are always consistently a solid act..on point and have been in the game a long time! We have some other great European bands in the line up, from east to west - LAST HOPE and TAUSEND LÖWEN UNTER FEINEN. Don't miss this one!! The »Demonstrating My Style« Edition." MADBALLs aktuelles Album, »Hardcore Lives«, wurde 2014 veröffentlicht und wartet mit Gastauftritten von Mitglieder von WALLS OF JERICHO, TERROR und H20 auf. Das Album ist zudem das erste der Band, das in verschiedenen europäischen Ländern in die Charts einstieg. Holt Euch »Hardcore Lives« hier: