Die Metal-Titanen MACHINE HEAD aus der San Franciscoer Bay Area haben am 26. Januar ihr ungeduldig erwartetes neues Album »Catharsis« über Nuclear Blast Entertainment veröffentlicht. Nun sind die weltweiten Chartpositionen bekannt, inklusive drei Top5, zwei Top10 und fünf Top20 Positionen. »Catharsis« verzeichnet zudem die höchsten Einstiege der Band in Deutschland, Schweiz, Schottland und Spanien. Frontman / Gitarris Robb Flynn dazu, “The chart positions coming in from around the globe are nothing short of incredible. The Head Cases of the world really made a show of force this week. But I gotta give an extra-special shout-out to the Head Cases of America. They stood their ground through a veritable hurricane of negativity, belligerant-ass reviews, and straight up online extremist-hate mudding the waters. To ignore all that, and stand by YOUR band means more than you will ever know. You deserve to be applauded so fucking loudly our hands should hurt from clapping and our throats from cheering. ⠀ ⠀ We are unbelievably grateful to you.⠀ And this news on the same day that Best Buy announces they will stop selling CDs altogether! ⠀ Feeling proud... and so should you be Head Cases!!".⠀ Um »Catharsis« in verschiedenen Formaten zu bestellen, surft auf: http://nblast.de/MHCatharsis