Das Metalcore-Quintett LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES aus Ohio haben einen europaweiten Plattenvertrag mit Nuclear Blast geschlossen. Sänger & Bandkopf Chris Roetter kommentiert: "We are very excited to have our debut album, "When We Don't Exist," released by Nuclear Blast in Europe. Their history of signing incredibly heavy bands combined with some of their more recent signings excites us greatly. We cannot wait to come over to Europe in support of the album, and are thankful to have a label there who will ensure our music is heard!" „Welcome to the fold, boys!“ schallt es aus dem Nuclear Blast-Hauptquartier. „We're proud to work with LMTF from now on. Their EP already blew us away; but their debut album simply kicks even more ass. A lot more varied, a lot more matured and a real inferno of modern metalcore. Even if there's a lot of melody to LMTFs sound, the band definitely focusses on heavy riffing and brutal breakdowns. Watch out!“ Das LMTF-Debüt „When We Don't Exist“ erscheint am 11. November 2011! Die erste Single „You Won't Be Missed“ sowie inklusive Lyric-Video gibt es hier: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tf9iw3K8n0g