Die kanadischen Extreme-Metaller KATAKLYSM arbeiten seit einigen Monaten an ihrem langerwartetem Nachfolger des erfolgreichen „Heaven's Venom“ Albums. Nun gibt Sänger Maurizio Iacono den Titel des kommenden Albums bekannt: "Well it's been a seriously busy ride since our last album Heaven's Venom was released over 3 years ago. From a successful world headlining run, to Ozzfest, into a recap of our 20 years as band with the Iron Will DVD. We've been writing in a very humble fashion behind the scenes for the last six months. It's time to take KATAKLYSM to higher levels and dig deep into our capacities as musicians and songwriters. We know exactly what we have to do, that's why we have taken our time and why we’ll be taking most of the Summer to complete the new album. The record will deal lyrically with mortality and the purpose of ones being on this earth. The moment we are born we start to die. It’s a sort of deal we make with life, and with that I title the new KATAKLYSM album Waiting for the End to Come.” Die Veröffentlichung von “Waiting for the End to Come” ist für Ende 2013/Anfang 2014 geplant Für Mixing und Mastering hat die Band den viel gerühmten Produzenten Chris “Zeuss” Harris (HATEBREED, SUFFOCATION, CHIMAIRA, ALL THAT REMAINS) angeheuert. Wie zuvor bekanntgegeben, werden die Aufnahmen unter der Leitung des KATAKLYSM-Gitarristen und langjährigen Produzenten Jean-François Dagenais (MALEVOLENT CREATION, MISERY INDEX, DESPISED ICON, EX DEO) im Juni und Juli im JFD Studio Montreal sowie in Dallas stattfinden.