Die schwedischen Death Metal Legenden HYPOCRISY müssen leider ihre Australien-Shows absagen. Die Band sagt dazu: “Hey to all our Australian fans, It’s with sad, angry and pissed mind that I’m trying to find words to write this.. Oceanic Sharks Booking Agency Sydney – Australia hasn’t yet provided us with flights or working visa for this tour and we’re forced to leave next Monday 14th Jan. We have asked time after time after time, and even put up a deadline to deliver that, but he has failed to do so for 3 months now.. It’s so close that it’s all too late now.. We can’t even get into the country even if we had flight tickets, cause he didn’t fix working visa for us yet.. I can only hope you get your money back for the tickets you bought, and that a real booker from Australia will invite us soon so we can finally go to your country. Not really a good start of a new year… Hope to see you soon!” Das kommende HYPOCRISY Studioalbum wird Ende März 2013 erscheinen und soll den Titel „End Of Disclosure“ tragen.