Die schwedischen Classic Rocker GRAVEYARD sind als Support für die deutschen Dates der MOTÖRHEAD-Europa-Tour 2011 im November bestätigt worden. Die Band kommentiert: „This year is getting more and more unbelievable for us. As it if it wasn't enough that we got the chance to open for Maiden in our hometown, now we're gonna go on tour with the essence of rock'n'roll - Motörhead!! Once again we feel deeply honoured to get a sort of approval to step into rock history by opening for Motörhead. And when you're talking about Motörhead, there's no way of getting around talking about Lemmy. That cat has always been an inspiration to us, all the way from Sam Gopal to Motörhead. Not only musically through his combination of psychedelia, rock and punk. But also through his relentlessness, something we hold very high in the Graveyard camp. But let's not forget that we also get to go on tour with a fellow Gothenburger - Mikkey Dee - the magic stikks wizard!“ MOTÖRHEAD + GRAVEYARD 11/23/2011 Berlin Coulmbiahalle 11/24/2011 Leipzig Haus Auensee 11/26/2011 Munich Zenith 11/27/2011 Stuttgart Schleyerhalle 11/29/2011 Dusseldorf Philipshalle 11/30/2011 Hamburg Sporthalle