Die aus Iowa stammenden Energiebündel FOR TODAY haben heute ihr lange erwartetes neues Album, »Wake«, weltweit über Nuclear Blast veröffentlicht. Bestellt »Wake« auf CD (auch als exklusives CD/T-Shirt Bundle), Vinyl (schwarz, rot) oder Digital Download hier: Das offizielle Musikvideo zu 'Bitter Roots' stellt die Band heute hier vor: Sänger Mattie Montgomery kommentiert: "Our new song 'Bitter Roots' is a dramatic departure from much of what For Today has been known for. We decided to break the mold and simply write what was inside us, without worrying about fitting in a particular genre box. While it's very different, we love the song, and we're so excited to share it with the world." INTERNATIONALE PRESSESTIMMEN „Eine Walze aus Breakdowns, singenden Gitarren, epischen Melodien und brachialen Shouts, die Alles niederreißt.“ EMP (GER) / Peter Kupfer "In den besten Momenten knallt WAKE wie ein starkes The Devil Wears Prada-Album und wird die Kampfsport-Moshpits live ordentlich befeuern." METAL HAMMER (GER) / Eike Cramer "Der Metalcore Bulldozer ist zurück - härter und kompromissloser als zuvor" ALLSCHOOLS (GER) / Felix Martin „…das bislang stärkste Release des Quartetts!“ LEGACY (GER) / Arne Kupetz 12/15 "For Today spielen packenden Modern Metal, der harte Riffs und gelungene Melodien vereint. Angenehm abwechslungsreich und vielseitig!" PIRANHA (GER) / Sascha Blach „PARKWAY DRIVE in ihren besten Zeiten hoch zwei = „Wake“!“ FUZE (GER) / Silke Händeler “Wahnsinnig starke Band!” STORMBRINGER (AT) / Gabriel Aigner "With pounding drums and brutal screams balanced with catchy melodies, Wake is a standout album from a band that’s finally found the formula to success.” HYSTERIA MAG (AU) ‘’Gloomier than its predecessors, Wake balances its dark, chugging aggression with a more refined ear for melancholy melody.’’ BLUNT (AU) ‘’Wake, the new release by FOR TODAY, hits like a clenched fist in a velvet glove. Their white-knuckled assault of punk-meets-metal is draped in a layer of finesse and musicality that knocks the air out of listeners. Give them a try and brace for an energised showcase of modern metal at its tightest.’’ MUSIC INJECTION (AU) “Evolutionary, revolutionary, exemplary. FOR TODAY has it all – and ‘Wake’ is definitely the best attempt at portraying all that greatness. Top of the bill metalcore with a strong will to make a change.” LORDS OF METAL (NL) / Daniel ""Wake" is a living proof that Christian metalcore is alive and doing well in 2015. Perfect blend of melodic yet heavy riffs and agression!" KAAOSZINE (FI) „FOR TODAY keep preaching the faith: ferocity and aggression!“ MYROCK (FR)