Dani Filths Witch County Horror Metaller DEVILMENT haben das Making Of ihres offiziellen Musikvideos zu 'Sanity Hits A (Perfect) Zero' veröffentlicht. Der Song stammt vom Debüt der Band, »The Great And Secret Show« (2014). Seht das Making Of hier:
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Das Video wurde unter der Regie von Lizzy Ellam gedreht und von Sam Scott-Hunter bearbeitet und kann hier angesehen werden: http://smarturl.it/SanityHits Satansbraten Dani Filth bezieht Stellung: "It was enormous fun filming the video for 'Sanity Hits A (Perfect) Zero' as it was decided that it would appear very chaotic, retro and dirty from an early stage, as if the discovered film stock had slightly perished with age, bringing with it a psychedelically lurid post-apocalyptic vision. The whole experience was undertaken close to home in Suffolk at a countryside scrapyard, with friends and performers being assembled, dressed, watered and fed by the extended DEVILMENT family, with a crew 'borrowed' from the local university. In essence it was very much an underground guerrilla effort, the spirit of which we intended to capture on a day which fortunately fell between two bouts of horrible stormy weather, thus enabling the use of flame on what was essentially a fuel-soaked death trap waiting to ignite. Still, all's Hell that ends well, and we think the finished video (perfectly) compliments the madness and feral metallic adrenaline of the track heaved under the spotlight." »The Great And Secret Show« kann hier in verschiedenen Formaten erworben werden: http://bit.ly/1wgRehv