DEVIL YOU KNOW haben sich mit Impericon (G/A/S), Revolver Magazine (US) und Metal Hammer (UK) zusammengetan, um ihren neuen Bombtrack 'Stay of Execution' zu veröffentlichen, der auch auf ihrem ungeduldig erwarteten neuen Album »They Bleed Red« enthalten sein wird, das am 6. November (siehe Tracklist unten) über Nuclear Blast erscheinen wird. 'Stay of Execution' Track Stream: Francesco Artusato (Gitarre) kommentiert: "This one was definitely a song that happened unexpectedly. The point was to make a ‘heavy' song (of course, haha) that would have a lot of hooks and cool parts, but not fallowing a typical structure so we had fun trying different things. We have the black metal part, the groovy part, an epic chorus, cool bridge section, gang vocals at the end, etc. It’s literally a bit of everything. I wrote the main riff while walking in a mall somewhere while on tour. I was humming it into my phone so I would remember it for later. It was a weird day, haha."I’m just so excited for this new record. It’s a beast! I can’t wait to start playing the new material and the next tour with FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH and PAPA ROACH in Europe this November is going to be massive!” John Sankey (Schlagzeug) fügt an: “The track, 'Stay Of Execution,' was the last song that was written for our new album. I wanted us to have a track that was fast, brutal and really slamming with an unconventional song structure. Francesco and I had some demos that we hadn’t used yet, so I tore a few of those unfinished tracks apart and pieced together the coolest sections to create this song. It is definitely one of my favorite tunes from the album because for me personally this feels more like the death metal style that I’m used to playing. There's blast beats, lots of double bass and some really cool busy drum fills. It’s a fun song to jam, that’s for sure! Fran wrote an awesome riff for the first verse that sounds like a straight up black metal part to me. It rules! The ‘one choice, one life, I’m running out of time' chant that Hojo wrote for the end of the song is a monster anthem. It’s a killer hook that will have all the kids singing along and puts the icing on this ‘metal cake’! Even though this is a blazing track and easily one of the heaviest we have written, it still has the groove and melodic elements of DEVIL YOU KNOW, so crank it up and enjoy." Howard Jones (Gesang), Francesco Artusato (Gitarre), John Sankey (Schlagzeug) und Ryan Wombacher (Bass) liefern mit dem neuen album ein Monstrum technischer Versiertheit und absoluter Passion ab. Das tiefer Verständnis untereinander und eine stetig wachsende Kameradschaft haben den Weg in das Selbstvertrauen hinter »They Bleed Red« bereitet, das umwerfende zweite Album, das mit allen Zweifeln gnadenlos aufräumt. Dieser Sound ist ein urgewaltiger Blutrausch! Von Josh Wilbur (AVENGED SEVENFOLD, LAMB OF GOD, KILLER BE KILLED) produziert, ist »They Bleed Red« ein genickbrechender Trip durch die gebrochene Psyche DEVIL YOU KNOWs, den Kampf mit der Angst und den schlussendlichen Triumph über alle Widrigkeiten, fußend auf einem Fundament höchst künstlerischem Könnens und furiosem Heavy Metal im Hochgeschwindigkeitsmodus. »They Bleed Red« – Official Track Listing 1. Consume The Damned 2. The Way We Die 3. Your Last Breath 4. Stay of Execution 5. Break The Ties 6. Shattered Silence 7. Let The Pain Take Hold 8. Master of None 9. Searching For The Sun 10. How The End Shall Be 11. Broken By The Cold Bonus Tracks 12. Eye of The Tiger (Cover Track) 13. I Am Alive 14. We Live