Die polnischen Tech Deather DECAPITATED sind weiterhin im Radio Gdansk Studio, Polen, mit den Arbeiten an ihrem Nuclear Blast-Debüt, dem Nachfolger des 2006er „Organic Hallucinations“, beschäftigt. Gitarrist & Gründungsmitglied Wacek Kieltyka kommentiert: “The first week of recording is over. We've done the drums and prepared them to be mixed by Daniel [Bergstrand]. Since yesterday, we've been looking for the right guitar sound and we've already come up with a few ideas. We've got heaps of different speakers, heads, effects and we're trying to pick the gear with the sound most suitable to the new riffs. It's very probable that I'll use again a transistor head in conjunction with a tube head - the combination that had always worked out well for DECAP. Also, I'm recording in a large room to take advantage of its ambience and to let the sound flow freely.” Drummer Kerim "Krimh" Lechner hat außerdem noch ein paar Takte zu den Schlagzeugaufnahmen zu erzählen: “Hello guys! My work is done. I finished recording all drums in 3 days. I didn’t expect that it would be that fast, but I am happy about that. So now we have more time for guitars, bass, and vocals. These last days we’ve spent listening to all the drum tracks and choosing the best parts. Each song takes us about 3-4 hours and you have to spend a few days to listen through all the songs. Now we will send all the drum tracks to Daniel Bergstrand who will do a first mix of the drums so we can start recording guitars. The drum kit with all the microphones on it looked great but now we had to move it for the guitar amps. Yesterday we tried out the first 4 heads and some of them sounded really good. We will see in the next days which ones we will choose!” DECAPITATEDs fünftes Studio Album wird von Wacek Kiełtyka und Sound Engineered Malta Arkadiusz Malczewski produziert. Die Drums wurden mit Daniel Bergstrand (BEHEMOTH, MESHUGGAH, DIMMU BORGIR, KEEP OF KALESSIN) aufgenommen. Bergstrand übernimmt außerdem auch den Mix!