Vogg, Gitarrist und Gründungsmitglied der polnischen Tech Deather DECAPITATED hat sich aus dem Studio gemeldet, wo die Band momentan ihr Nuclear Blast-Debüt aufnimmt. „Over the last few days, we have recorded riffs with distant sounds and effects. I must admit that it sounds broad. It has an incredible space and is deep. We have found some really interesting themes like ‘Sonar’ and ‘Satan’s Bees.’ J Yesterday we put the last traces of the basic guitars and we're beginning vocals. Everything is going according to plan and in 2 weeks we should finish the session.” “Rafał will certainly cope with his work and put down decent vocals. He is totally boozed and so everything should go fine. Solos and clean guitars are left - which are totally novum in Decap - and then the whole album is ready.The material begins to mature from day to day, and now I hear that it will be a concert album.“ Die Band wird in Kürze außerdem das Cover sowie den Album titel veröffentlichen.