Die multi-nationale Newcomer-Sensation BLUES PILLS hat das Cover-Artwork ihres ungeduldig erwarteten zweiten Albums enthüllt. »Lady In Gold« wird am 5. August erscheinen und zehn brandneue Songs enthalten. Bassist, Gründungsmitglied und Hauptsongwriter Zach Anderson: "The design comes from the dutch artist Marijke Koger-Dunham who already worked with us for the first album cover. We are super proud to have the opportunity to work with such a legendary artist who has even worked with THE BEATLES, CREAM and many more. The original design was made by her 50 years ago. We worked together to adapt the colors to fit the mood of the album. Hopefully our fans will like it as much as we do." Sängerin Elin Larsson erklärt die Wahl des Albumtitels: "Lady gold is a character who symbolizes death. We wanted a twist on the typical stereotype of death being the grim reaper. So instead we made her a lady in gold." »Lady In Gold« tracklisting: 01. Lady In Gold 02. Little Boy Preacher 03. Burned Out 04. I Felt A Change 05. Gone So Long 06. Bad Talkers 07. You Gotta Try 08. Won't Go Back 09. Rejection 10. Elements And Things Wie bereits das überaus gefeierte Debüt, wurde auch »Lady In Gold« von Don Alsterberg (GRAVEYARD, DIVISION OF LAURA LEE, JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ, JERRY WILLIAMS) produziert. Weitere Info folgt in Kürze.