Kevin Muller [vocals], Wes Hauch [guitar, vocals], Tim Walker [bass], and Zach Dean [drums] — will release their new EP, Death Is But a Door on January 12 via Nuclear Blast.

They have just shared the video for the title track. It was directed by Juan Carlos Escobar Salazar. 

The plot-driven video traces the mental and emotional descent of a man against an apocalyptic urban backdrop. Trigger warning: The video does include scenes of gun violence. 

Watch it here:

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"The best of us carry a dormant horror," the band says about the track. "The very worst of us still have a heart."

The director also chimed in, saying, "Ever since I heard Alluvial's Sarcoma, they quickly became one of my absolute favorite bands. As a musician myself, I was blown away by their technicality, brutality, and their devastating wall of sound in their songs. So when my friend Mada Fleming introduced me to Kevin Muller literally a couple months ago, he mentioned the possibility of collaborating on a music video for a song in their upcoming EP. I was more than thrilled! Through a phone call, Wes Hauch and Kevin gave me the premise of what they had in mind for the video. After knowing what their vision was, I reached out to the incredibly talented actor, writer, producer, and director Nickolas Jacobs and through a lot of work and ingenuity, we delivered a piece that encapsulates the vision of the band and the atmosphere of the song. As a cinematographer, I had a lot of fun creating this; as a musician and a huge fan, it was an honor being part of this project with Alluvial and Nuclear Blast Records."