In Flames

Used And Abused … In Live We Trust

Veröffentlicht am: 25.07.2005

If progress in the sound of Melodic Death Metal had a name, it would certainly be called IN FLAMES. During the last ten years the five-piece from Sweden has become the most innovative band in melodic death metal. Their trademark sound has been copied by many, but surpassed by none. Striving to make music he loved, Jesper Strömblad formed IN FLAMES with Johan Larsson and Glenn Ljungström in 1990. After recording a demo, the trio got their first record deal and started to work on their debut album "Lunar Strain", which became a classic in the fast growing Scandinavian Death Metal scene. Highlighting the melodic side in their song-writing proved to be an important ingredient to a highly successful release. A license deal with Nuclear Blast was bargained soon afterwards and IN FLAMES started recording the follow up long-player "The Jester Race", this time with a line up consisting of Jesper, Johan and Glenn and two new additions: Anders Friden on vocals and Björn Gelotte on drums. "The Jester Race" turned out to be another big hit and brought the band to prominence in both Europe and Japan. Several gigs and a festival tour with SAMAEL, KREATOR and GRIP INC. followed. After the recording of "Whoracle" in 1997 Johan and Glenn decided to leave IN FLAMES, while Peter Iwers (on bass) and Niklas Engelin (guitar) filled in the gaps. With that fresh line up the band geared up for a short tour with DIMMU BORGIR and, in the following months, a very successful headlining European tour. Once back home in Sweden Niklas quit IN FLAMES due to his wish to put more energy in his other project GARDENIAN. In this period IN FLAMES radically restructured their line-up: Björn switched to guitar and Daniel Svensson (from SACRILIGE) was hired as drummer. With this new, improved line-up IN FLAMES released "Colony" in 1999. Excellent reactions all over the world and full concert venues in Europe, USA and Japan made IN FLAMES one of the most popular Melodic Death Metal acts worldwide. "Clayman" in 2000 even topped its predecessor and won many acclaims and awards. The first IN FLAMES live album, "The Tokyo Showdown", released one year later, gave a detailed insight into the band's live proficiency. More modern sounding and mature, "Reroute To Remain" (2002) again confirmed the high status of IN FLAMES and marked another milestone in their career. Two years later and it is was time to take In FLAMES to the next level. "Soundtrack To Your Escape" did just that! Thrilling metal in the right balance between the band’s classic death-metal origins and modernity. The logical continuation after "Reroute To Remain". "Used And Abused… In Live We Trust!", the first DVD for IN FLAMES, perfectly captures the power of the band and the enthusiasm of the audience. You can almost feel just like you would in the venue and see the sweat running down the faces of fans and band members alike. But there‘s more to it!. An extra 2 CDs and, for all the real fans, a limited digi-pack edition in a slipcase with the 2DVD, the 2CD and a 48 page booklet! The track-list is incredible – tons of classics and the whole "Soundtrack To Your Escape" Album in stunning live versions. This much is clear: This the ultimate package for every IN FLAMES-Fan! DVD Disc 1: * Live at Sticky Fingers – Sept. 7, 2004 (90 minutes) 01. F(r)iend 02. The Quiet Place 03. Dead Alone 04. Touch Of Red 05. Like You Better Dead 06. My Sweet Shadow 07. Evil In A Closet 08. In Search For I 09. Borders And Shading 10. Superhero Of The computer Rage 11. Dial 595 – Escape 12. Bottled 13. Behind Space 14. Artifacts Of The Black Rain 15. Moonshield 16. Food For The Gods 17. Jotun 18. Colony 19. Pinball Map 20. Only For The Weak 21. Trigger 22. Cloud Connected * Live at Hammersmith, London – Dec. 27, 2004 (40 minutes): 01. Pinball 02. System 03. Cloud Connected 04. In Search For I 05. Fucking Hostile 06. Behind Space 07. Quiet Place 08. Trigger 09. Touch of Red 10. My Sweet Shadow * Soundtrack Tour 2004 - Live 01. Only For The Weak 02. Clayman DVD Disc 2: * Live in Madrid 01. System * Live in Australia/Japan 01. Dial 595 - Escape * Soundcheck in London 01. Dial 595 - Escape * Soundcheck in London 01. Touch of Red Promotional Videos: 01. F(r)iend – video 02. My Sweet Shadow – video 03. Touch of Red – video (extended DVD version) 04. The Quiet Place – video * Jester TV – Universal Access (50 minutes): - About IN FLAMES - Interviews with band members - About the METALLICA show in Madrid - Behind the "Quiet Place" video shoot - Behind the "Touch of Red" video shoot - Other videos: "F(r)iend", "Evil In A Closet" - About the start of the "Soundtrack" tour 2004 - Summer festival - "Like You Better Dead" at Metaltown - About the Japanese Tour - About the Australian Tour - L.A. – Roxy - About the Hammersmith concert - About the JUDAS PRIEST Tour - 666 at Scandinavium - Backstage tour - About the Sticky Fingers concert


 Track list

 1 - Pinball Map 

 2 - System

 3 - Behind Space

 4 - Cloud Connected

 5 - In Search For I

 6 - The Quiet Place

 7 - The Quiet Place

 8 - Touch Of Red

 9 - My Sweet Shadow

 10 - F(r)iend

 11 - Dead Alone

 12 - Like You Better Dead

 13 - Evil In A Closet

 14 - Borders And Shading

 15 - Superhero Of The Computer Rage

 16 - Dial 595 - Escape

 17 - Bottled

 18 - Artifacts Of The Black Rain

 19 - Moonshield

 20 - Food For The Gods

 21 - Jotun

 22 - Colony

 23 - Only For The Weak

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