Veröffentlicht am: 19.09.2005

Let’s not wonder how HYPOCRISY mastermind Peter Tägtgren finds the time to be a legendary producer (in his ABYSS STUDIOS) and write songs for both his bands PAIN and HYPOCRISY. This album is a “Virus” we all wish to be infected by...

“Virus” is probably the most mature creation HYPOCRISY have released so far. Combining pure Death Metal stylings and grinding slow tunes with catchy melodies we all learned to love from ‘Roswell 47’, this album mirrors the whole evolution of HYPOCRISY. Brutal tracks like ‘Warpath’ should make every old-school Death Metal fan happy, while ‘Fearless’ or ‘A Thousand Lies’ feature guitar harmonies before unheard on this planet. The right punch in the face is delivered by drum icon Horgh (ex – IMMORTAL), who recently joined the HYPOCRISY folds. All in all, this is a HYPOCRISY album that is bound to become another Death Metal classic!

The official birth year of HYPOCRISY dates back to 1991 when the band got signed to Nuclear Blast and released their massive debut album “Penetralia”. “Osculum Obscenum” and “The Fourth Dimension” were the next milestones in crushing, extreme Death Metal. More melodic elements filtered out through these releases and would eventually become the major trademark of HYPOCRISY together with aliens and extraterrestrial phenomena inspired lyrics. These three albums marked the first steps in the band’s career and earned them a high profile within the European underground. „Abducted” and its immortal hymn ‘Roswell 47’ further defined the band’s status as one of the most innovative and remarkable Metal bands in Europe. Ironically though, the big breakthrough came with the split of the band: the 1997 album “The Final Chapter”. Its killer melodies and hymn-styled songs had a much wider appeal. At this point Peter Tägtgren wanted to put an end to HYPOCRISY in order to concentrate on his extremely successful Electro / Industrial Metal project PAIN. Encouraged by the great responses, the band got back to record “Hypocrisy”. Tours all across Europe further established the great reputation of Peter and Co. and several shows in the USA also enthused the American audience to the HYPOCRISY cult. Following the release of “Into The Abyss”, HYPOCRISY put together a ‘best of’ album titled “10 Years Of Chaos And Confusion”. The album featured a fan-elected track-list with all the hits of the last decade. 2002’s “Catch 22” defined a new dimension of sound for HYPOCRISY with progressive and rock influences and led HYPOCRISY into a modern era of more fashionable death metal.
With “The Arrival” the sound experiments came to an end – and saw HYPOCRISY return to their roots.



   1 - Intro
   2 - Warpath
   3 - Scrutinized
   4 - Fearless
   5 - Craving For Another Killing
   6 - Let The Knife Do The Talking
   7 - A Thousand Lies
   8 - Incised Before I´ve Ceased
   9 - Blooddrenched
 10 - Compulsive Psychosis
 11 - Living To Die

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