Fra underverdenen GREEN VINYL

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KAMPFAR - Fra underverdenen GREEN VINYL
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    LP - 14,99 EUR
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Limité à 400 vinyles verts en format gatefold.

Du BLAST! magazine:

A masterpiece of Norwegian Black Metal Art! A true classic!
KAMPFAR is one of the most brilliant bands in the whole black metal genre. They perform straightforward raging mystical black metal. This album transports you to a densely wooded forest were nihilistic black metal beast are jumping from trees and living an utter pagan lifestyle. If this description does no make sense let me elaborate, KAMPFAR has a magical feel but the music strikes right at the heart of black metal which I see as an embodiment of nihilism. Unlike other nihilistic bands like Mayhem, I find KAMPFAR much more amusing. The production is cleaner, their is a less satanic feel and more of a pagan feel, and the music is melodic. KAMPFAR even uses foreign instruments like a didgeridoo which I think blends perfectly. This album along with every KAMPFAR release is a monument to black metal.
Anyone who enjoys the pagan/forest side of black metal as opposed to the satanic imagery needs this album….

Side A:
1. I Ondskapens Kunst 07:13
2. Troll, Død Og Trolldom 07:38
3. Norse 05:32
Side B:
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