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Double vinyle noir 180g en gatefold.

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Hailing from BLACK SABBATH's stomping grounds of Birmingham, England, GODFLESH are sometimes respectfully labeled as Sabbath's younger sibling. On their seventh and final studio album Hymns (2001), the undisputed leaders of British industrial metal return to a lean line up of guitar, bass and a human drummer. Adding more variety to the mix, guitarist and band leader Justin Broadrick occasionally sings without a distorted grunt on a number of songs. This doesn't mean the band have lightened up or lost their brutal, pessimistic outlook. Their authentic sound still presents you with angst, coldness and a mechanical feel, and overall the band sounds in better shape than ever. Too bad it proved to be their last effort. Highlights of this album are the incredibly emotional "Anthem", the deep and slow "Defeated" and "Paralyzed". Hymns is finally available on vinyl for the first time with remastered audio and an exclusive bonus track!

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Defeated
2 - Deaf, dumb & blind
3 - Paralyzed
4 - Anthem
5 - Voidhead
6 - Tyrant
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Liste des titres Durée
1 - Animals
2 - Vampires
3 - Antihuman
4 - Regal
5 - Jesu
6 - If I Could Only Be What You Want (Bonus Track)
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