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EINHERJER - Nidstong
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    7"EP - 8,99 EUR
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  • Format:7"EP
  • Genre:Viking/Pagan/Epic Metal
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New release from one of the pioneers of the Viking Metal genre: Etched 7inch with signed B-side. Limited to 500 copies world wide!

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Einherjers hometown Haugesund rings with historic sound, and from their own shores on the west coast of Norway the influence of the vikings stretched towards the sea and the world beyond. The adventurers, pioneers, poets and craftsmen have inspired Einherjer to go their own way. The vikings courage and boldness have inspired them to never compromise their vision: A vision that is a unique, self-made, original and modern interpretation of our mighty Nordic heritage.
Einherjer have never used their banner to spread cowardly and ignorant propaganda. They never seek entry in the un-culture extremists taint our ancestors with. Einherjer wish to give people in all countries knowledge to what they feel is a mysterious and fascinating culture that can be shared and enjoyed by many.
In over twenty years Einherjer has carried out their vision. They were there when Norwegian extreme metal grew forth and took shape as an enormous cultural export. They played far and wide. At home and abroad. They were part of something new. Something special and innovative. They were there when Norwegian metal gathered and inspired thousands. They were there and swung the hammer when Viking metal was forged as a unique expression that later inspired countless bands, worldwide.
Now the horns of war sound again. And Einherjer is there.
Behind them Einherjer has an array of albums - some of which stand as milestones in a genre of explosive growth. This might be one of the most imortant bands in the genre, now ready to release yet a great album this fall. To shorten the wait, Einherjer release Nidstong on Indie Recordings

Liste des titres
Side A:
1. Nidstong
Side B:
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