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The End of All Things to Come is the second studio album by Mudvayne. The album expanded upon the sound of the band's debut, L.D. 50, with a more versatile range of sounds, dynamic, moods and vocalization. The band wrote the album's songs in less than a month, drawing inspiration from their self-imposed isolation during the songwriting process, and crafted a more mature sound which drew from jazz and progressive rock influences, as well as elements of death metal and thrash metal. Vocalist Chad Gray said "The making of The End of All Things to Come was an exercise in deadline management for the band. We didn't want to take much more than two years between albums and since we were on the road for such a long time that really didn't leave us with a whole lot of time to make this record. We wrote and rehearsed for four months and then spent another four months to record and master the entire album. The pressure made us focus instead of fold." With the creation of the album's artwork, Mudvayne hoped to create the band's "black album". The deluxe jacket contains a special UV spot varnish on both in and outside of the gatefold. Two songs from the album, "Not Falling" and "World So Cold", were successful in the singles charts. The first 1.500 copies are individually numbered and pressed on 'Armageddon' coloured vinyl.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Silenced
2 - Trapped In The Wake Of A Dream
3 - Not Falling
4 - (Per)Version Of A truth
5 - Mercy, Severity
6 - World So Cold
Liste des titres Durée
1 - The Patient Mental
2 - Skrying
3 - Solve Et Coagula
4 - Shadow Of A Man
5 - 12:97:24:99
6 - The End Of All Things To Come
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