Voliminal: Inside the nine

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SLIPKNOT - Voliminal: Inside the nine
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  • 2DVD - 24,99 EUR
  • Numéro d'article:139129
  • Format:2DVD
  • Genre:Metalcore/Deathcore, Modern Metal/Rock
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A special double disc package, Voliminal: Inside the Nine takes the viewer on a several hour journey into the world of Slipknot as the band recently circled the globe in support of the multi-platinum album Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses). Far from your usual tour film, Voliminal: Inside the Nine is more of an art piece - while fans are taken in the studio, on stage, backstage, on their tour bus and everywhere in between as they experience the energy of a band literally living, breathing and fighting for the music they created, none of it unfolds in ways you'd expect.

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1 - Slipknot - Voliminal
Liste des titres Durée
1 - (Sic) (USA)
2 - The Blister Exists (WFF 2004)
3 - Eyeless (WFF 2004)
4 - Duality (Japan)
5 - Vermillion (TMF, Holland)
6 - The Heretic Anthem (Japan)
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