Ten years in hell

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ANNIHILATOR - Ten years in hell
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Les dix premières années, les dix meilleurs années ! C'est ce que nous promettent les 230 minutes du meilleur du divertissement audiovisuel avec Jeff Waters & Co. !

Du BLAST! magazine:

Bona fide classics are something that most people produce once or at most twice in a lifetime. It requires very special preconditions, exceptional inspiration and an extreme artistic high to create something truly unusual. ANNIHILATOR, the band surrounding guitarist Jeff Waters, have already delivered several masterpieces in the course of their career so far. Albums like "Never, Neverland" or "King Of The Kill" are considered blueprints of their genre, highlights of contemporary Thrash Metal as it had developed on an international level during the Eighties.
Now an extensive history Double DVD of the Thrash legend will be released in January, containing seven classic, official ANNIHILATOR music videos, offstage band footage and bonus underground, fan-shot, live performances. Plus, a special interview with ANNIHILATOR founder and guitarist Jeff Waters as he recounts his memories of the band's first ten years in Hell. Also included are special appearances by original co-lyricist John Bates, NEVERLAND front man Coburn Pharr, CRITERIA bassist Russell Bergquist, and SET THE WORLD ON FIRE's Mike Mangini and Neil Goldberg.
A must-have for all fans!


"Singlehandedly, ANNIHILATOR guitar hero Jeff Waters has managed to keep both hard-edged riffery and his ongoing bastard son of metal alive for 20 years. The speed freak's unsurpassed output and consistency is revered around the world and his molten hands are the envy of virtually every guitar player who creates heavy metal. "Ten Years In Hell" is a hearty feast of hardened history as it dives head first into the early roots of one of Canada's diamonds in the rough. Hell yeah, this is one DVD not to be missed!"

tracklist Durée
1 - Intro 2:20
2 - Alison hell 5:23
3 - Release party 3:16
4 - TV media one 8:13
5 - Stonewall 4:09
6 - TV Media two 7:13
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tracklist Durée
1 - Pre annihilator era 4:56
2 - Demo days 16:06
3 - Alice in hell 11:26
4 - Never, Neverland 24:43
5 - Set the world on fire 2:24
6 - King of the kill 9:04
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