Celebrate - The night of the warlock

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DORO - Celebrate - The night of the warlock
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DORO célèbre Biff (SAXON), Angela (ARCH ENEMY), Sabina (HOLY MOSES), Liv Kristine (LEAVES’ EYES) et Floor (AFTER FOREVER) et les invite à la fête!

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She is a phenomenon: the one and only “Metal Queen”, Doro Pesch! No other female voice in the traditional Hard Rock/Metal scene has been around as constantly with a creative output like DORO. No matter if you take the stormy beginnings with her band WARLOCK or their following, exceptional solo career, DORO always tried to deliver their fans something special, something memorable. Heartfelt passion always was her engine throughout all this years, honesty, respect and friendly behaviour towards music press and fans only increased the iconic status that the girl from Düsseldorf built throughout her impressive career. But her mission is not accomplished yet - not at all! In December 2008 the Metal Queen and her true fans will celebrate “25 Years DORO” in the big ISS Dome in her home town, Düsseldorf. Another memorable concert is secure… Then, in January 2009, a new DORO studio album will finally see the light of day. But to give all their countless fans a first impression and also deliver the slogan of DORO´s 25th anniversary, the Metal Queen will release a 5-track EP single on October 31st. Enough time for all fans to learn the lyrics of the new songs “Celebrate” and “Night Of The Warlock”, both breathing a similar spirit as legendary classics like “All We Are” or “Burning The Witches”! This is definitely a move back to her roots, but with an up to date, powerful sound. So: raise your hands in the air and celebrate!!!

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Celebrate 4:56
2 - Celebrate 4:56
3 - Celebrate (Full Metal Female Version) 4:56
4 - The Night Of The Warlock 5:13
5 - Rescue me 3:50
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