Down IV Part 2

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DOWN - Down IV Part 2
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  • Genre:Doom/Stoner/70s
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Tracked at the infamous Nodferatu's Lair - iconic vocalist Philip H. Anselmo's home studio - and produced by Michael Thompson, Anselmo and DOWN, the new EP is the eagerly awaited sequel to 'Down IV - Part One' (dubbed 'The Purple EP'). On the new EP, once more the band deliver passionate, powerful heavy music, laced with their signature gargantuan riffs and swamp blues leads. When DOWN retreated to Nodferatu's Lair studio in the fall of 2013, things had changed somewhat. For the first time in the band's storied career, Kirk Windstein wouldn't be handling guitar duties alongside fellow axeman, Pepper Keenan. Instead, longtime 'family' member, stage manager and Honky guitarist Bobby Landgraf had joined the ranks, alongside Keenan, Anselmo, drummer Jimmy Bower and bassist Pat Bruders.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Steeple 5:45
2 - We Knew Him Well 4:03
3 - Hogshead / Dogshead 3:52
4 - Conjure 8:30
5 - Sufferer's Years 5:37
6 - Bacchanalia 8:54
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