Carnage slaughter and death

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ZOMBIFIED - Carnage slaughter and death
  • CD - 15,50 EUR
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  • Format:CD
  • Genre:Death Metal, Grindcore
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Second album du groupe suédois de Crust-Death. Pour les fans de VOMITORY, FACEBREAKER, GRAVE, DAWN OF DECAY, CENTINEX et DEATH BREATH.

Plus d'info:

Zombified starded as a two man project of P.Myrén and P.Fransson in winter 2006. After some beers and a three song demo they decided to record a full album.

They got in contact with the session members "Von Pest" and M.Askinen and with them they gave birth to the first album ’Zombified Slaughtermachine’.

After the release, M.Fiebig and R.Karlsson joined the band on drums and vocals and ZOMBIFIED didn´t waste any time and created a new album called "Carnage Slaughter And Death”.

After the recording M.Fiebig decided to leave the band and a new drummer was found in J.Johansson.

Now they got signed to German label Cyclone Empire and although the second album ‘Carnage Slaughter And Death’ isn´t released yet, the boys have already started writing new songs for the next album.

Patrik Myrén – Guitar
Pär Fransson – Guitar
Roberth Karlsson – Vocals and Bass
Jacob Johansson – Drums

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Carnage slaughter and death 3:11
2 - Pull the trigger 2:50
3 - Withering souls 3:50
4 - Suffering ascends 4:33
5 - Endless days of wrath 3:56
6 - Clenched fist vengeance 3:37
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