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ZOMBIE INC. - Homo gusticus
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    CD - 14,99 EUR
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Trouver plus de ZOMBIE INC.

Avec Martin Schirenc (ex-PUNGENT STENCH)!

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The living dead have dragged their lifeless bodies into the Vato Loco studios again to disgorge their 2nd disgusting piece of death metal named "Homo gusticus".
ZOMBIE INC. features Austria's Death Metal icons Martin Schirenc (Hollenthon, ex-Pungent Stench) and Wolfgang Rothbauer (Disbelief, Eisblut, Thirdmoon, GodHateCode, In Slumber) as well as Gerald Huber (Collapse 7), Martin Arzberger (Hollenthon, Molokh) and Florian Musil (Molokh, Raising The Veil).
The whole story of the band ZOMBIE INC. so far has been filmed and is documented in three disturbing official "The Rocking Dead" episodes/music videos...
After they have unknowingly and unintentionally downed a bit too much of the golden zombie "champagne", the whole horde turned into a bunch of brain-dead freaks.
But zombies have to fulfill their duties too and so they dragged themselves into the studio, and finally they return with a filthy bastard named "Homo gusticus" - a real sick and putrid Death Metal masterpiece!
ZOMBIE INC. return deadlier and heavier und than before!
Watch out, "Homo gusticus"!

Liste des titres Durée
1 - The rocking dead 3:58
2 - Cum undone 3:21
3 - Bust the food chain 4:10
4 - Homo gusticus 4:08
5 - E=mCARNAGE² 3:41
6 - With the mob 3:04
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