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"Naturbål" ("Nature's Bonfire") is yet another groundbreaking Folk Metal record in the discography of the Swedish mastermind whose characteristic vocals and unique songs have left their mark on a whole genre. Folkloristic tunes merge with technical guitar riffs and multilayered melodies. Anthem-like refrains provide the finishing touches to this sweeping symbiosis. The songs combine the best of two worlds – elements of VINTERSORG's early works and the technical standard of the later years. VINTERSORG is undoubtedly a visionary and offers a brilliant, consistent and sweeping album that is the perfect journey through all the periods of his work.

tracklist Durée
1 - Ur aska och sot 7:08
2 - Överallt och ingenstans 5:07
3 - En blixt från klar himmel 5:48
4 - Lågornas rov 5:49
5 - Rymdens brinnande öar 6:01
6 - Natten visste vad skymningen såg 5:24
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