Hijos de la chingada

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TRASH AMIGOS - Hijos de la chingada
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  • Genre:Thrash Metal
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Trouver plus de TRASH AMIGOS

Thrash metal suédois avec des musiciens de MERCILESS, DEATH BREATH et NIRVANA 2002!

Plus d'info:

In the beginning of 2009 Pedro Pico a.k.a Mr.Dim (ex-HARMS WAY, BORN OF FIRE) had a desire to make some good old 80´s thrash-metal in the veins of METALLICA, SLAYER, SEPULTURA, KREATOR, SODOM etc. This was the music he loved and played as a teenager.He decided to form a band with his best cavalleros Pedro el Guero a.k.a Erik Wallin (ex.MERCILESS, HARMS WAY) on guitar and Pedro Serdito a.k.a Stipen from swedish domestic punkrocklegends DIA PSALMA (ex-MERCILESS, HARMS WAY) on drums as a tribute. The idea was not to do something musically revolutionary but something people can swing their sombreros to and drink tequila. After a couple of rehearsals they entered the studio of senior Enrico in september of 2009 to capture the raw energy of 4 songs on tape. After the first gig in a foreign land in the cold north, the TRES AMIGOS brought with them a loco named Pedro Tacon, to handle some guitarra on stage, love at the first zip of the tequila. The band was amazed by his skills and decided that from now on, Tacon will be the difference between the TRES and the TRASH AMIGOS! Once again, In March 2011 the four stinking horsemen, steered their burros to the town of Stringnose, to record their first full-length album with senior Enrico....The album is going to be released in late 2011!!
TRASH AMIGOS...The complete destruction of rock´n roll!
Soon in a saloon near you...

Pedro Pico: Bajo,voz y gitarra flamenco
Pedro El Guero: Gitarra
Pedro Serdito: Baterria
Pedro Tacon: Gitarra

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Hateful 2:57
2 - Last sky 4:16
3 - Non omnis moriar 3:37
4 - New evil 4:49
5 - Divided 3:51
6 - Mind castration 2:51
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