The wretch

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Trouver plus de THE GATES OF SLUMBER

Doom traditionnel qui rappelle à SAINT VITUS

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Indianas exponents of True Doom Metal, THE GATES OF SLUMBER, return with this monstrous slab of poseur crushing heaviness. Recorded at Orgone studios, London with Jaime Gomez Arellano, (ULVER, GHOST, ANGEL WITCH, etc), "The Wretch" is an uncompromising return to the heavy, slow SAINT VITUS inspired all out Doom.
Featuring new drummer Cool Clyde, the dynamics of the band have been opened wide and whilst there are now plenty of bands that think all you need to do to be really "heavy" is to just down-tune their guitars and play slow, THE GATES OF SLUMBER realize there is more to the art than just this. By far their most focused release to date, "The Wretch" is a must for all fans of heartfelt, melodic and HEAVY Metal!

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Bastards born 6:48
2 - The scourge ou drunkenness 5:58
3 - To the rack with them 3:15
4 - Dan of farewell 7:14
5 - Castle of the devil 7:55
6 - Coven of cain 3:44
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