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Punk rock menopause

THE BOYS - Punk rock menopause
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description du produit

The Boys were among the first wave of UK punk bands, alongside legends like the Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Damned. The Boys singer/guitarist Matt Dangerfield actually left the band he was in with Mick Jones (London SS) to form The Boys and they ended up being the first of their kind to sign a recording deal, way back in 1977. On their first album since 1981, all original members are on hand to turn in maybe the most appropriately titled album ever. However, despite their ages, these guys play the sort of driving, melodic, hook filled punk that easily holds its own, and in some cases trumps, today’s best pop-punk outfits. If your interests lie anywhere between The Buzzcocks and The Queers, this is a must. The Boys are indeed back in town, and it sounds better than ever.

tracklist Durée
1 - 1976 3:34
2 - I need you 1:57
3 - I'm a believer 5:02
4 - She's the reason 2:32
5 - Global warming 2:56
6 - Keep quiet 3:26
7 - How hot you are 3:05
8 - Punk rock girl 3:18
9 - Organ grinder 4:34
10 - How can I miss you 2:41
11 - What's the matter with Morris 3:39
12 - Pistol whipping momma 3:21
13 - Baby bye bye 2:21