The curse of Martha splatterhead

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THE ACCÜSED - The curse of Martha splatterhead
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  • Genre:Grindcore, Metalcore/Deathcore, Punk/Hardcore, Thrash Metal
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Nu-metal / emo. Martha est de retour!

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The Accüsed was created in 1981 in Oak Harbor, Washington by bassist Chibon 'Chewy' Batterman; drummer Dana Collins; and guitarist Tommy Niemeyer. John Dahlin was the vocalist from 1982 to 1984. The band's first two demo cassettes and their album, Please Pardon Our Noise, It Is the Sound of Freedom, released in 1983 drew heavily from hardcore punk. In 1984 The Fartz vocalist, Blaine Cook, replaced Dahlin.
In 1984 the band began adopting metal into their sound and dubbed their style "splatter rock", in 'homage' to their favorite genre of horror films. According to a review, "Their hybrid musical formula was distinguishable by Cook's unusual choking-sound vocals, Niemeyer's muted, choppy, buzz-saw guitars and dark metallic riffs. The band also created the zombie mascot, Martha Splatterhead, whose likeness adorns most of their albums and many of their promotional items. A recurring theme in the band's lyrics involve Martha Splatterhead coming back from the dead to eviscerate and slaughter rapists and child molesters.
They released their first full EP, Martha Splatterhead, in 1985 on their own Condar label. Their first full-length LP was The Return of Martha Splatterhead, released on Subcore Records, and later re-released on Earache Records (the first mosh album), in 1986.
According to reviewer Jeb Branin, "I was writing for a zine in Canada called Northern Metal that reviewed the new LP The Return Of Martha Splatterhead giving it a 0.0 rating and absolutely crucifying it in the review. It is the only 0.0 review I remember ever seeing in Northern Metal. They hated it so much I knew I had to buy it. As I suspected, the album was a masterpiece of hardcore hysteria."
The LPs More Fun Than an Open Casket Funeral and Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told quickly followed, as well a number of other annual releases. Starting with Hymns For the Deranged, the band also began working with Seattle producer Jack Endino, and their next album, Grinning Like An Undertaker, was released on Nastymix Records.
The band maintained an active touring schedule, and according to a review, ", The Accüsed were untouchable ... the whole band was a frenzy of epileptic gyrations, although Blaine's high flying leaps and bouncing off the walls like a deranged gnome were definitely the highlight ... even in today's underground you aren't going to find a more devastating band than The Accüsed."
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1 - The splatterbeast 2:37
2 - Stomped to death 1:34
3 - Bodie are rising 2:01
4 - Festival of flesh 2:38
5 - Elijiah Black 2:09
6 - Scotty came back 1:37
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