Dead sun rising

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SPACE CHASER - Dead sun rising
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  • Genre:Thrash Metal
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Thrash 'til Death!

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From the first tone and the feel of the cover you quickly realize, that the guys are little more in for the ?dark? stuff. Still, the have their hymns and sing alongs, but the complete album is mor ?adult? - thats what you called it, i guess. They got rid a little bit of the comic-esce / funlike vibe they had on ?Watch The Skies? and added some skilled & complex guitarworks ? its more aggressive and better than the old stuff.

The singing from Siggi varies between the mighty Dickinson and a young version of Kiske ? but more aggressive than both ? this is no bullshit thrashmetal ? fast, aggressive, complex and in your face! The sound is crispy and sharp like a knife. Think of of lightfooted Slayer, Overkill, early Deathrow, Holy Moses, 80s Metallica or, of couse Anthrax.

?Anthem? is called like this ? check the Maiden-memorial-refrain! ?Judgement Day? is a pure Riff-thunderstorm on the highest level with a charming Cliff Burton-Bass-Outro. ?Xenomorph? prooves, that they also can do mid tempo song, without losing the power they have in the fast ones!

Oldschool Thrash without sounding to backwards ? a great modern old school metal record!

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