Sons of aeon

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SONS OF AEON - Sons of aeon
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Death mélodique avec les musiciens de GHOST BRIGADE et SWALLOW THE SUN.

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Finland is apparently a chief exporter of cardboard and paper goods, but another thing it’s known for is its metal; and no, I’m not talking about magnesium or gold. Amorphis, Rotten Sound, and Children of Bodom are but a few of the excellent bands who call Finland their homeland, and it’s safe to add yet another band to that list: Sons Of Aeon. Featuring current members of Ghost Brigade and an ex-member of Swallow the Sun, Sons Of Aeon’s debut melodic death metal beatdown serves as a fantastic way to kick off 2013.

Being veterans of the Finnish metal scene, the members of Sons of Aeon are superb songwriters and exemplify impressive chops to boot. Guitarists Tapio Vartiainen and Wille Naukkarinen are akin to a modern-day incarnation of the Björler/ Larsson duo which put At The Gates on the map, as they relentlessly pummel with galloping riffs one minute, and then tug at your heartstrings with heartfelt melodic lines the next, a quality which is likely carried over from Willie’s work in Ghost Brigade. The weepy tone of “The Centre” compared to the razor-sharp riff-fest that is “Seeds of Destruction” is a perfect example of this contrast Sons of Aeon is able to achieve so well.

Sons of Aeon have a doozy of a debut album on their hands. Not even 3 weeks into the new year, and they have managed to release an album that other bands will likely have difficulty topping. Sons of Aeon is a darn-near flawless homage to the days when melodic death metal was king and stood alone as a fresh and exciting style of extreme metal. Definitely deserving of your attention.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Faceless 7:41
2 - Cold waves 3:48
3 - Burden 5:30
4 - Enemy of the souls 4:23
5 - The centre 3:51
6 - Havoc & catharsis 3:52
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